Risk and Reward

What its about

Our app is meant to improve the lives of people mainly students who do bad in school. It gives a risk-reward to students who behave positivley or negativley during school hours. A point system is in place that signifies the sudents progress in school (behavior-wise/grade-wise) and can reward them, or punsih them based on these. For example, if a student has multiple detentions, then he/she will have their phone deactivated or disabled for a period of time determined by the principle and or parent.

How it works

This app works by using a multiple account based system where a parent/teacher/principle can overlook a single student. over the course of the school year and day, if the student has been bad, a point is taken off. These points can in turn help/or hurt you. with enough points, you can redeem them for prizes like extra credit. Too few could result in a total disablment of the applications on the affected samrt phone.

Our Goal.

We believe that the way school's are disciplining students right now aren't affective at all. Students aren't going to get better with detentions if they really don't care about being in detention. We have to put something they love on the line, something that they think is worth fighting for.